Year Name Dissertation Chair
2016 Binkoski Jim Physical Geometry Skow
Gifford Matthew Structuring Thought: Concepts, Computational Syntax, and Cognitive Explanation Antony
Moulton Josh A Path to Supersubstantivalism Bricker
Oliveira Luis Agency and Reasons in Epistemology Kornblith
2015 Olsen Kristian Variations on Some Rossian Themes Feldman
Rancourt Benjamin Understanding and its Role in Inquiry Kornblith
2014 van der Gaast Brandt A Defense of Russellian Descriptivism Schaffer
2013 Buetow Heidi Disagreement and the Semantics of Predicates of Personal Taste Bricker
Friesen Lowell The Structure of Consciousness Levine
Hill Scott Synthetic Reductionism in Moral Philosophy Feldman
Knight Casey On the Plausibility of Moral Error Theories Feldman
2011 Cowling Sam Identity and the Limits of Possibility Bricker
Cushing Jeremy Self-Knowledge in a Natural World Kornblith
Krakauer Barak Counterpossibles Bricker
2010 Ahlstrom Kristoffer On Epistemic Agency Kornblith
Bhattacharjee Indrani Pyrrhonian and Naturalistic Themes in the Final Writings of Wittgenstein Kornblith
Dunn Jeffrey Bayesian Epistemology and Having Evidence Kornblith
Kim Namjoong Sleeping Beauty and de Nunc Updating Bricker
Platt Andrew The Rise of Cartesian Occasionalism O'Neill
2009 Bohn Einar Composition as Identity Schaffer
Doviak Dan Being Good, Doing Right, Faring Well Feldman
Klocksiem Justin On the Measurability of Pleasure and Pain Feldman
Kosciuk Christopher Human Freedom in a World Full of Providence: An Ockhamist-Molinist Account of the Compatibility of Divine Foreknowledge and Creaturely Free Will Baker
Masto Meghan Knowledge, Answers & Questions Kornblith
Michaelian Kirk On Memory and Testimony Kornblith
Sarch Alexander On The Objectivity of Welfare Feldman
Trogdon Kelly Phenomenal Acquaintance Levine
2008 Abrams Edward 'Can' and Consequentialism: An Account of Options Bricker
Leibowitz Uri A Defense of a Particularist Research Program Matthews
Rubin Michael Synthetic Ethical Naturalism Feldman
Torre Stephan A Tenseless Account of Tensed Sentences and Tensed Beliefs Bricker
2006 Hine Kristen Emotional Rationality and the Fear of Death Feldman
Lascano Marcy Locke and Leibniz on the Ultimate Origin of Things Chappell
Raibley Jason Achievement, Enjoyment, and the Things We Care About: A Theory of Personal Well-Being Feldman
2005 Bell Tom Vagueness Bricker
Heathwood Chris Desire-Satisfaction Theories of Welfare Feldman
Lukas Mark Well-Being and Actual Desires Feldman
2004 McDaniel Kris Simples and Gunk Bricker
Petty Julie Brains and Barns: The Role of Context in Epistemic Attributions Feldman
Rosenthal Creighton The Reconciliation of Faith and Reason in Thomas Aquinas Matthews
Senn Scott Forms of Goodness: The Nature & Value of Virtue in Socratic Ethics Matthews
2003 Griffith Meghan Agent Causation Chappell
Leighton Kim Adopted Knowing: Claiming Self-knowledge in the Age of Identity Ferguson
Susse Jennifer A priori Arguments for Reductionism Baker
Vessel Jean-Paul Open Questions and Consequentialist Conditionals: Central Puzzles in Moorean Moral Philosophy Feldman
2002 Berkich Don Autonomous Machine Agency Chappell
Books Julie The Ontology of Film Aune
Colton Russ Advancing the Counterfactual Analysis of Causation Bricker
2000 Kaufman Dan The Creation of the Eternal Truths and the Nature of God in Descartes Sleigh


Kevin Ethical Theory and Populations Feldman
Scarbrough Patricia Art and Psychoanalysis Wolff
Wielenberg Erik The Nature of Moral Virtue Feldman
1999 Bardon Adrian Transcendental Arguments and Kant's Refutation of Idealism Aune
Bradley William (Ben) Species of Goodness Feldman
Galbreath Bruce Nothing Personal:  A Defense of Non-Libertarian Incompatibilism Chappell
Sayson Ciriaco Pleasure, Falsity, and the Good in Plato's "Philebus" Matthews
Sushinsky Mary Criteria in Crisis:  Modernist, Postmodernist, and Feminist Critical Practices Ferguson
Theriault Henry Charles The Nation and Nationalism Ackermann
1998 LaPorte Joseph Natural-Kind Term Reference and the Discovery of Essence Aune
Moore Eric Desert, Virtue, and Justice Feldman
Yeh Joseph The Ethnicities of Philosophy and the Limits of Culture Ackermann
Schaefer Neil The Incompatibility of Determinism and Moral Obligation Bricker
Thompson Dennis Humean Skepticism Chappell
Beall JC A Defense of Materialism Against Attacks Based on Qualia Baker
1997 Rini Adriane Modal Propositions in Aristotle's Syllogistic Matthews
Fryc Thomas The State of Nature and the Genesis of Commonwealths in Hobbes's Political Philosophy Robison
Denby David Metaphysical Theories of Modality: Properties, Relations and Possibilities Bricker
Eberle Christopher Religious Belief, Social Establishment and Autonomy Wolff
Kervick Daniel The Logic of Contingent Existence Gettier
Macdonald Amie A Critique of Academic Nationalism Ackermann
1996 Rice Douglas Causal v. Positivist Theories of Scientific Explanation: A Defense of the Causal Theory Ackermann
Nagel Mechthild Philosophical Perspectives on Play from Homer to Hegel Matthews
Adkins Karen Knowledge Underground: Gossipy Epistemology Ackermann
Feit Neil Subjectivity And The Objects Of Belief Gettier
Reid Heather Plato's Project For Education In The Early Socratic Dialogues Matthews
Barnbaum Deborah Euthanasia And Counterfactual Consent Feldman
Litch Mary Traditionalism And Parallel Distributed Processing As Qualitatively Distinct Models Of The Mind Baker
Tessman Lisa Having A People: Beyond Individualism And Essentialism In Resistance To Interlocked Oppressions Ferguson
Waller David Vegetarianism Versus Environmentalism Matthews
Goddu Geoffrey Intentional Identity And Reporting The Beliefs Of Others Gettier
1995 McLeod James Owen On Being Deserving Feldman
1994 Gocer Asli Socrates And Gregory Vlastos: The Power Of Elenchos In The Gorgias Matthews
Davidson Jack Leibniz On Providence, Foreknowledge and Freedom Sleigh
Kenyon Ralph Atomism and Infinite Divisibility Aune
Paull Cranston Supervenience Relations and their Significance Bricker
Powell David Sollipsistic Contents Aune
1993 Sullivan Thomas On The Temptation Of Jesus Matthews
Sider Theodore Intrinsicality And Duplication Bricker
Hughes Cheryl Heidegger And Levinas: The Problem Of Ethics Ehrlich
1992 Silva Jose Preestablished Harmony And Corporeal Substance In Leibniz Sleigh
Black Andrew Occasionalism In The Malebranche-Arnauld Debate Sleigh
Curran Angela Issues In Aristotelian Essentialism Matthews
1991 Aronszajn Mark What Are Thoughts? Partee
Dodson Kevin Kant's Theory of The Social Contract Wolff
Cowles David Identity and Indeterminacy Feldman
Pienknagura Alex Habermas And Adorno On Dialectic Of Enlightenment Ackermann
Leaman George Contextual Misreadings: The US Reception Of Heidegger's Political Thought Ackermann
Skelly Brian Leibniz's Revelation-Inspired Metaphysics: An Exercise In Reconciling Faith And Reason Sleigh
Johnson David Intuition, Hypothesis, and Reality Ferguson
Kaufman Cynthia Desiring Reason: Reason As An Unavoidable Discourse Of Desire Ferguson
1990 Christopher Paul Just War Theory: An Historical And Philosophical Analysis Matthews
Dixon Beth Self-Attributed Belief And Privileged Access Wetzel
Frazier Robert Right-Making Characteristics And Morally Right Acts Wolff
Gabriel Carol Stalnaker and Field on Truth and Intentionality Matthews
Markosian Ned Does Time Pass? Matthews
McNamara Paul The Deontic Quadecagon Feldman
1989 Lorraine Tamsin Gender, Identity And The Problem Of Meaning Ferguson
Haji Ishtiyaque The "Inescapable" Prisoner's Dilemma Feldman
Brown Alison One Is Many: Democracy, Communication and The Self Ackermann
Faber David The Problem Of Omnipotence And God's Ability To Sin Matthews
1988 Bodanszky Eva Moral Realism And Other Issues Feldman
Blackson Thomas Cause, Definition, and Explanation in Plato Matthews
1987 Cox Philip A Reconstruction And Critique of Marx's Theory of Ideology Wolff
Martin Marie General Rule In The Philosophy Of David Hume Aune
Nash Margaret The Status Of Psychoanalysis And The Question Of Science Ackermann
1985 Abusch Dorit On Verbs and Time Partee
Austin David What's The Meaning of "This"? A Puzzle About Demonstrative Belief Gettier
1984 Hohm Larry Freedom, Foreknowledge, and the Necessity of the Past Feldman
Ryckman Thomas Proper Names, Beliefs, And Definite Descriptions Gettier
1983 Roberts Melinda Psychological Criteria Of Personal Identity Feldman
1982 Triplett Timm Does Foundationalism Work? Matthews
Richard Mark Demonstratives, Indexicals, And Tensed Attributions Of Belief Gettier
1981 Steinbuch Thomas Leibniz: Unity, Thought, and Being Ehrlich
Zalta Edward An Introduction To A Theory Of Abstract Objects Parsons
1980 Conee Earl Pleasure And Intrinsic Goodness Feldman
Michaels Meredith The Persisting Problem Of The Ship Of Theseus Sleigh
1979 Zimmerman Michael A Theory Of Free Human Action Feldman
McKelligan Marcia Locke On Primary And Secondary Qualities Feldman
Arnold Norman The Justification Of Empirical Belief In in Hume's Treatise Wolff
1978 DeCew Judith The Problem of Conditional Obligation Feldman
Stephens G Lynn Peirce's Critique Of Introspection Aune
Warren Karen Legal Rights And Natural Objects Wolff
1977 Nordby Jon Jorgen Critical Intelligence And Its Development Sleigh
Trompetter Linda Substance And Attributes In Spinoza's Philosophy Ferguson
Markie Peter The Cartesian Circle Feldman
1975 Schrader David An Analysis Of The Stone Paradox Wolff
Tlumak Jeffrey Skepticism And Transcendental Arguments Wolff
Ratzsch Delvin God, Freedom, and Plantinga Gettier
Feldman Richard Non-Propositional Analyses of Belief Heidelberger
Tovey Barbara Locke's Theory Of Identity Feldman
Willing Anthony Aristotle On Paradoxes Of Accidence Matthews
Herman Stephen Clearness And Distinctness In Descartes Aune
1974 Mellema Gregory Multiple Quantifiers And Restricted Range In Epistemic Logic Sleigh
Fitch Gregory Necessity And Contingency In Leibniz Sleigh
Wierenga Edward Three Theories Of Events Matthews
Wolters Richard Wittgenstein's Ontology In His Early Works Aune
McKay Thomas Essentialism And Quantified Modal Logic Parsons
1973 Hooker Michael Descartes On Himself And His Body Chappell
Gilbert Thomas Utilitarianism And Distributive Justice Foster
1972 Hoffman William The Centrality Of Freedom For Kant's Critical Thought Ehrlich
Braude Stephen Tensed Sentences Ackermann
1969 Shirley Edward A Proposal For A Contextualist Theory Of Truth Swanson