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Since 1969, we have awarded about 150 doctoral degrees. Most of the degree recipients went into the academic job market, seeking positions teaching philosophy. In addition to these degree recipients some others have gone into the job market prior to receipt of their PhD Altogether 107 job seekers were successful in their job search. Of these, 86 got tenure-track jobs. Many of these are now tenured. These include many prominent philosophers such as Richard Feldman at the University of Rochester, Mark Richard at Harvard University, and Ted Sider at NYU.

Since 1994, 42 of our students accepted academic positions. In 30 of these instances, the position was tenure-track. Several of these individuals already have tenure. Notable recent placements include Sider at Rutgers University, JC Beall at the University of Connecticut, Dan Kaufman and Chris Heathwood at the University of Colorado, and Ben Bradley and Kris McDaniel at Syracuse University..

We work hard to prepare our graduate students for the job market. We advise students on their application materials and their writing samples; we provide "mock interviews"; we encourage students to present their research before the Department. Although some of our PhDs spend a few years on the market or in non-tenure-track positions, those who persist generally end up in tenure-track positions. Relative to PhD programs with a national ranking similar to ours, this is an excellent result.