Nishi Shah
Amherst College

Assistant Professor, Amherst College
Ph.D., University of Michigan

Areas of Interest:

Ethics, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Mind

Selected Publications:

(2002) "Clearing Space for Doxastic Voluntarism," The Monist, 436-445.

(2003) "How Truth Governs Belief ," The Philosophical Review, 112: 447-82.

"Doxastic Deliberation," (co-authored with David Velleman) forthcoming in The Philosophical Review.

"The Metaethics of Belief: An Expressivist Reading of "The Will to Believe"" (co-authored with Jeffrey Kasser) forthcoming in a special issue of Social Epistemology on the Ethics of Belief.

"Misunderstanding Metaethics: Korsgaard's Rejection of Realism" (co-authored with Nadeem Hussain) forthcoming in Oxford Studies in Metaethics.