chris meacham Christopher J. G. Meacham
383 Bartlett hall

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Rutgers University, 2007
Appointed at UMass: 2007

Areas of Interest:

Formal Epistemology, Decision Theory, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Physics

Current Research:

Bayesian accounts of belief updating, objective vs. subjective approaches to Bayesianism, statistical mechanical probabilities, statistical mechanical explanation, various issues in decision theory.


"No Work For a Theory of Universals", with Maya Eddon, forthcoming in A Companion to David Lewis, ed. Schaffer and Loewer.

"The Meta-Reversibility Objection", forthcoming in Time's Arrow and the Probability Structure of the World, ed. Loewer, Weslake and Winsberg.

"Impermissive Bayesianism", forthcoming in Erkenntnis.

"Autonomous Chances and the Conflicts Problem", forthcoming in Asymmetries in Time and Chance, ed. Handfield and Wilson.

"Review of Toby Handfield's A Philosophical Guide to Chance", Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 1/12/2013.

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