gmh Gary Hardegree
363 Bartlett Hall

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Indiana University, 1976
Appointed at UMass: 1977

Areas of interest:

Philosophical Logic, Natural Language, Philosophy of Physics

Current research:

Natural language semantics; logic of truth.

Selected publications:

Algebraic Methods in Philosophical Logic (with J. Michael Dunn), 470 pp., (Oxford Press, 2001).

Symbolic Logic: A First Course, Fourth Edition, 420 pp., (McGraw-Hill, 2011)

"Completeness and SuperValuations" Journal of Philosophical Logic, 34 (2005), 81-95 (online)

"An Axiomatic Theory of Truth" (online)

"An Algebraic and Axiomatic Characterization of a Sub-Lewis Modal Logic" (online)