Ann Ferguson
370 Bartlett Hall

Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies
Ph.D., Brown University, 1965

Courses Taught:

Feminist Theory
Philosophy of Women
Introduction to Women's Studies
Philosophy of Gender and Sexuality
Philosophy of Gender, Race and Class

Research Interests:

Feminist theory, ethics, philosophy of sexuality, social and political philosophy, Michel Foucault


Blood at the Root: Motherhood, Sexuality and Male Dominance (1989, Pandora/Harper Collins)

Sexual Democracy: Women, Oppression and Revolution (1991, Westview)

Daring to be Good: Essays in Feminist Ethico-Politics (co-edited with Bat Ami Bar; 1998, Routledge)

"Sex War: The Debate between Radical and Libertarian Feminists", Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society (Autumn 1984) 19(1): 106-112

"On Conceiving Motherhood and Sexuality: A Feminist Materialist Approach" in Joyce Trebilcot, ed. Mothering: Essays in Feminist Theory (1984, Rowman and Allenheld): 153-82

"Can I Choose Who I Am? An How Would That Empower Me? Race, Gender, Identities and the Self", in Ann Garry and Marilyn Pearsall, eds., Women, Knowledge and Reality (2nd edition) (1996, Routledge)