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Homecoming conference

The 15th biennial Philosophy Homecoming Conference—a conference at which graduates of our PhD Program come back to give papers, to serve as commentators, and to get together with old friends to reminisce about their days here at UMass—will take place this Fall on October 4-5.

Friday, October 4
7:00–10:00 Welcome reception
Saturday, October 5
8:30–9:00 Breakfast
9:00–10:15 Ernie Lepore (Rutgers), “Non-Negotiable Meanings”
Commentator: Earl Conee (Rochester)
Chair: Ryan Olsen (UMass Amherst)
10:30–11:45 Andrew Platt (Stony Brook), “Free Agents and the ‘Realm of Nature’ in Descartes’ Physics
Commentator: John Robison (Indiana)
Chair: JC Wright (UMass Amherst)
12:00–1:15 Rachel Robison-Greene (Utah State), “Beings and Bodies”
Commentator: Luis Oliveira (Houston)
Chair: Molly O’Rourke-Friel (UMass Amherst)
1:15–3:00 Lunch break
3:00–4:15 Sam Cowling (Denison), “Necessities Beyond Necessity”
Commentator: Jeffrey Dunn (DePauw)
Chair: Kelly Trogdon (Virginia Tech)
4:30–5:45 Bob Gruber (Springfield), “Control, Collective Action, and a Solution to the Mismatch Problem”
Commentator: Bailie Peterson (Northern Colorado)
Chair: Haoying Liu (UMass Amherst)
6:00–7:30 Reception