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The UMass Amherst Philosophy Department is committed to fostering a collegial environment that protects intellectual exploration, advances mutual respect, and promotes inclusivity. We do not tolerate incidents of discrimination, assault, harassment, threats, intimidation, profiling, or coercion based on membership or perceived membership in a particular racial, religious, gender, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation group nor based on color, national origin, disability, or veteran status. Such acts are antithetical to the values of the campus, and damage individuals and the free and open environment of the university.

The Department has a Climate Committee whose mission is to sustain these commitments and promote an environment where its members can thrive. The Department is committed to ensuring freedom of expression and dialogue among diverse groups in a community defined by mutual respect. All members of the Committee are available to any member of the department wishing to discuss their own experiences of climate, diversity, and inclusiveness. Alternatively, someone might wish to talk to the Chair, Graduate Program Director, Undergraduate Advisor, or anyone else they feel comfortable with. In addition to the resources of the department, UMass offers important Bias Reporting and Crisis Support resources.

Members of the Committee:

"We Are All In This Together" by Kelly Simpson Hagen
We Are All In This Together, Kelly Simpson-Hagen

Vanessa de Harven - Chair (

Chris Meacham ( fall

Maya Eddon ( fall

Sophie Horowitz ( spring

Beth Grybko (

Shane Henckel (

Mathura Samaram (

Amelia Shaw ( UG