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EPA Worker Protection Standard Train-the-Trainer Course for Organic and Non-Certified Pesticide Users

All farmworkers must be trained under the EPA Worker Protection Standard (WPS) if your farm uses any pesticides,  including , those approved for organic production and other general use pesticides.  The agricultural worker employer is responsible for complying with all components of WPS including the training of farmworkers. This training can only be provided by an individual who has a pesticide certification license or has attended an approved EPA WPS Train-the-Trainer workshop.

With the support of the UMass Extension Risk Management Crop Insurance Education Program, we hope to offer workshops this fall and in 2018 for agricultural employers and/or trainers of farm worlker and pesticide handlers. Please check back after October 1st. We will know if we have recevied funding to orgaize these workshop.

Here is the link to the EPA Worker Protection Standard How to Comply Manual for Employers.


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