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Dealer Certification Package

For the Dealer Certification, all of the following materials are required.

Dealer License Package

Dealer Study Materials (All are required) Price Quantity Inventory Number
Core Manual (3rd Edition) with MA Core Supplement (2014) $55.00 A1
Massachusetts Pesticide Control Act (1978, amended 2015)(Chapter132b M.G.L.) $6.00 A2
Massachusetts Pesticide Regulations (1979, amended 2016)(333 CMR 1.00-14.00) $10.00 A3
Dealer's Package (revised Feb 2004) $2.00 PS-DEAL
US Postal Service Media rate (7-10 business days) Shipping and Handling for 1st item $6.00,
S&H for each add'l items $1.00 each

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How to Purchase the Manuals

You can order Online through the UMass Extension bookstore. This link will take you directly to the Pesticide Exam Manuals section.


Fill out your information above, print (2) copies of this form, keep one copy for your records and mail the other copy with your check or money order, (made payable to the University of Massachusetts) to:

UMass Extension Bookstore
University of Massachusetts
101 University Drive, Suite A4
Amherst, MA 01002-2385

You may also call the UMass Extension Bookstore directly at (413)545-5227 and order via Visa or Mastercard.

For quicker delivery UPS Ground (3-5 business days) Shipping and Handling for 1st item $10.00. Shipping and Handling for each additional item is $1.00.

If you have any questions regarding this order form, contact the Pesticide Education Office - UMass Extension (413) 545-1044.

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