Perry Research Group
Rasmia Shamsi

Rasmia Shamsi (she/her)


Research Assistant

Biographical Statement

Rasmia Shamsi graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 2017. During the summer of 2014, she was an REU student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), working on developing self-healing coatings for steel-reinforced concrete. After spending a summer in the lab, she realized research is something she would continue to take part in. She worked in the Perry lab since the fall of 2014. Her first project was on quantifying the concentration of salt present in complex coacervates. After spending the summer of 2015 at an internship at Eastman Chemical Company, she transitioned to a project which will constitute her honors thesis. This work, done jointly with Prof. Jessica Schiffman focused on encapsulating active materials within complex coacervate thin films.

After graduating, Rasmia started as an engineer at United Technologies. She is now a Senior Commodity Manager at Moses Lake Industries.


  1. M. Radhakrishna, K. Basu, Y. Liu, R. Shamsi, S.L. Perry, C.E. Sing, "Molecular Connectivity and Correlation Effects on Polymer Coacervation," Macromolecules, (2017) 50(7), 3030–3037. [PDF]

Honors and Awards

2016 Commonwealth Honors College Honors Research Grant
Fall 2015 Commonwealth Honors College Research Assistant Fellowship