Perry Research Group
Marzbed Margossian

Marzbed Margossian (he/him)


Research Assistant

Biographical Statement

Marzbed worked first on a joint project in collaboration with Prof. Paul Dubin's Lab to investigate the structure and formation of soluble complexes as precursors to complex coacervates. He then pursued an independent research project trying to use molecular dynamics simulations to provide insight into the details of protein-polymer interactions during complex coacervation. Marzbed believes doing research as an undergraduate is an integral experience for anyone who wants to have an impact on the future. He spends his free time competing for the UMass Water Polo team, and cutting out spraypainting stencils and painting them on large, flat surfaces around campus. Marzbed also enjoys reading biographies on Nelson Mandela.

To further develop his interests in computations and simulation, Marzbed joined the Muthukumar group in the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering.

Marzbed is currently an Integrations Consultant at Yonomi, an Allegion Company