Perry Research Group
Luke Boudreau

Luke Boudreau (he/him)


Research Assistant

Biographical Statement

Luke graduated with a B.S. in both Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry in May 2022. He worked on a project to understand how polymer chemistry affects the properties of materials formed from complex coacervates.

Luke is currently working as a research technician in the lab of Dr. O. Berk Usta at Massachusetts General Hospital with an ultimate goal of pursuing an MD or an MD/PhD.


  1. I. Ramírez Marrero, L. Boudreau, R. Gutzler, N. Kaiser, B. von Vacano, R. Konradi, S.L. Perry, "Decoupling the Effects of Charge Density and Hydrophobicity on the Phase Behavior and Viscoelasticity of Complex Coacervates," Macromolecules, (2024) (accepted). [PDF]