Perry Research Group
Kat Nilov

Kat Nilov (she/they)


Research Assistant

Biographical Statement

Kat graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering in May 2022. They worked on a collaborative project with Prof. Laura Bradley to develop educational content highlighting diverse individuals in Chemical Engineering. Kat served as the ChemE Car undergraduate supervisor seat on the eboard of UMass AIChE. They live a pretty active lifestyle and really enjoy swimming. When not swimming or studying Kat can be found reading, doing yoga, or going on coffee strolls around town.

Kat completed the REBLS Leadership Academy during summer 2020!

Kat is a PhD student in Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University, and is jointly advised by Profs. Abby Koppes and Luke Landherr. Kat was also accepted into the NASA SHINE course on space radiation!