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Júlia Bonesso Sabadini

Júlia Bonesso Sabadini (she/her)


Graduate Student/Visiting Scholar

Biographical Statement

Júlia joined the Perry Lab as a visiting PhD student from the Institute of Chemistry at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in Brazil, where she was working with Prof. Watson Loh. She spent more than a year at UMass collaborating in person on a project to study the incorporation of proteins into complex coacervate-core micelles as compared with bulk materials. After leaving Amherst she returned to Brazil, but formally added Prof. Perry as a co-advisor.

Dr. Júlia Bonesso Sabadini successfully defended her PhD dissertation on Polyelectrolyte Micelles: Characterization, Properties, and Applications for Enzyme Encapsulation on June 6th, 2024. Dr. Bonesso Sabadini was the seventh PhD student to graduate from the Perry Lab! She will be moving on to a postdoctoral position with Prof. Alamgir Karim at the University of Houston.

Honors and Awards

2022 FAPESP Scholarship for International Study


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