Perry Research Group
Jonathan Selway

Jonathan Selway (he/him)


Research Assistant

Biographical Statement

Jonathan graduated in 2021 with a degree Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He was an active member of UMass EMS. He worked on protein structure determination. In his free time he liked to play basketball at the rec center.


  1. S. Sui, A. Mulichak, R. Kulathila, J. McGee,‡ D. Filiatreault, S. Saha, A. Cohen, J. Song, H. Hung, J. Selway, C. Kirby, O.K. Shrestha, W. Weihofen, M. Fodor, M. Xu, R. Chopra, S.L. Perry, "A Capillary-based Microfluidic Device Enables Primary High-throughput Room-temperature Crystallographic Screening," Journal of Applied Crystallography, (2021), 54(4), 1034-1046. [PDF]