Perry Research Group
Cristina Robalo

Cristina Vieira Robalo (she/her)


Research Assistant

Biographical Statement

Cristina Vieira Robalo graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 2017. Cristina worked on developing high-throughput microfluidic platforms for time-resolved crystallography. She has research background in protein crystallography and site-directed mutagenesis, having worked previously with Dr. Kimberly Stieglitz and Dr. Chan Yang. Research for Cristina is a way to delve into the mysteries science presents. Most importantly, it is a passion that will ultimately be directed to improve the quality of life of other individuals throughout the world that currently lack vital resources, and proper access to education. Her long term goals are obtaining an MD/PhD where she will combine the clinical aspects of medicine with research. During her free time, Cristina enjoys spending time with her loved ones, playing piano, reading books, and watching movies.

Honors and Awards

Fall 2015 Commonwealth Honors College Research Assistant Fellowship