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Cameron Johnston

Cameron Johnston


Research Assistant

Biographical Statement

Cameron Johnston is from Halifax, MA and received his Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from UMass in 2015. He worked on a joint project on complex coacervates in collaboration with Prof. Todd Emrick's Lab. Cameron's project focused on understanding the effects of polymer architecture and the incorporation of zwitterions on coacervate formation. Cameron is currently a Process Engineer at Toray Plastics.


  1. B.M. Johnston, C. W. Johnston, R. A. Letteri, T.K. Lytle, C.E. Sing, T. Emrick, S.L. Perry, "The Effect of Comb Architecture on Complex Coacervation," Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, (2017), 15, 7630-7642. [PDF]
  2. Highlighted in the Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry Blog


  • Cameron Johnston was awarded Best Poster at the American Chemical Society Connecticut Valley Section Undergraduate Research Symposium!