Perry Research Group

Group Meeting Calendar

Spring 2024

Group meetings are Friday from 1:00-3:00 in LSL N515 unless otherwise noted.
Date Research Safety Diversity
February 16th *2:00-3:30pm Baktha, Ethan Rivers Xianci Amy
February 16th Susan Daniel Seminar (3:30pm, Conte A110/111)
February 23rd No Group Meeting - Scheduling Conflict
March 1st Arvind, Jussara, Isaac practice for March Meeting
Sarthak and Baktha practice for BioXFEL
March 8th No Group Meeting - APS March Meeting/BioXFEL
March 15th No Group Meeting - Friend's 50th Birthday Party
March 22nd No Group Meeting - Spring Break
March 29th No Group Meeting - Taekwondo Nationals and Recruitment
April 5th Isaac, Rachel, Yaozu Ethan Eroh Kai
April 12th Arvind, Raneem, Emily Diwakaran Jonathan
April 16th Kat Knauer Seminar (11:30-12:30 LGRT 201)
April 16th Kat Knauer Coffee Hour (3:00-4:00 Conte A524)
April 18th Malika Jeffries-El Seminar (11:30-12:30 LGRT 1681)
April 18th Xianci Practice Prospectus (3:00 LSL N415)
April 19th Jussara, Jonathan Kai Ethan Eroh
April 19th Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference
April 19th Rachel Letteri Seminar (3:30-4:30 Conte A110/111)
April 23rd Isaac's GRASS Talk (11:30-12:30 LGRT 201)
April 23rd Prof. Perry gives IALS Seminar (2:00-3:00 LSL N410)
April 26th No Group Meeting - Xianci's Prospectus
May 3rd Xianci, Taras, Kai, and Hikaru Takabayashi Jonathan Raneem
May 10th *4pm, LSL N610 Khiem, Diwakaran, Ethan Eroh Sonu Taras

Fall 2023

Date Research Safety Diversity
September 22nd Sonu, Rachel Jussara Júlia
September 28th Zoey Meng and Eric Hernandez give Best Dissertation Award Seminar (11:30-12:30 LGRT 201)
September 29th Isaac (Practice for Prospectus) Ethan Diwakaran
October 6th Arvind, Poster Practice for Polymer Day Raneem Sonu
October 11th Fall Polymer Event - Isaac Oral Presentation
October 11th Fall Polymer Event - Poster Session
October 12th Fall Polymer Event - Poster Session
October 13th No Group Meeting
October 20th No Group Meeting - Ralph Colby PSE Seminar (3:30-4:30 Conte A110/111)
October 27th Diwakaran Henry Xianci
November 3rd Jussara, Júlia Jacob Isaac
November 10th No Group Meeting - Veteren's Day Observed
November 14th Kathryn Whitehead Seminar (11:30-12:30 LGRT 201)
November 17th No Group Meeting - Seminar at Case Western Reserve University
November 24th No Group Meeting - Thanksgiving Break
December 1st No Group Meeting
December 5th Sarthak's Practice Defense (10-11am, LSL N410)
December 6th Sarthak's PhD Defense (9-11am, LSL N610)
December 8th Arjun Isaac Jussara
December 15th Isaac, Emily Xianci Diwakaran