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Jamie Hartmann-Boyce, 2024 PEP Fellow, comments on KCBS radio about her recent research showing the effects of COVID-19 on people with diabetes

Dr. Hartmann-Boyce says her research found that people with diabetes are at much higher risk for worse outcomes if they contract COVID and were also at risk from disruptions in the healthcare system that happened during the pandemic. There is also additional coverage of Hartmann-Boyce’s related article published last week in The Conversation. Read more herehere and here.

Jamie Hartmann-Boyce, 2024 PEP Fellow, writes that the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to take a toll on people with diabetes

Hartmann-Boyce says research she and colleagues conducted in 2023 “found that people with diabetes were about twice as likely to get seriously sick with COVID-19 than people without diabetes, and people with diabetes were more likely to die from COVID-19 than people without diabetes." Read more here

Jamie Hartmann-Boyce, 2024 PEP Fellow, gave an interview on electronic cigarette usage

"So we know that you have a population where a lot of people may be dying from smoking-related diseases, and that begs the question: If we're allowing cigarettes to essentially remain on the market, even though they're products that kill one in two people who use them regularly as one of the leading causes of preventable death, diseases and health inequalities around the world... so we know that some people who smoke find it helpful to have e-cigarettes at their disposal so they can switch to a less harmful alternative," comments Jamie Hartmann-Boyce Read more here

Sanjay Arwade, 2020 PEP Fellow, comments in an article about the risks that tornadoes pose to wind turbines

He says the probability of a tornado directly impacting a wind turbine tower is quite low. “If you look at all of the wind turbines across Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, all the Great Plains states, the number of those turbines that are going to be impacted in a given tornado season is small. Even with incorporating the effects of climate change, it is going to remain small,” Arwade says. Read more here

Timothy Randhir, 2018 PEP Fellow, has additional coverage on his research about how oil palm plantations are driving massive downstream impact to the watershed

There is additional coverage of new research by Timothy Randhir, environmental conservation, and former graduate student Briantama Asmara, which assessed the harmful impacts of oil palm plantations on water in West Papua, New Guinea.
Read more here and here


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