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Conflict, Violence and Peace Announcement List (cvp-l)


The Psychology of Peace and Violence Program hosts an announcement list on Conflict, Violence and Peace (cvp-l) to help faculty, students, and members of the Five College Community share information related to those topics.

The scope of issues relevant to this list is intentionally broad, to include different disciplinary perspectives, levels of analysis and areas of application. The cvp-l serves as a forum for posting information about:

  • undergraduate and graduate courses
  • speakers and events
  • conferences
  • informational resources (articles, books, websites, films, etc.)
  • research opportunities scholarships or fellowships
  • jobs, contracts, consulting opportunities

We hope you will use this list to share relevant information relevant to conflict, violence and peace. We hope you will tell other faculty, students, community members, etc. who you think might be interested about this announcement list and encourage them to subscribe. Please note that this is an announcement list, not a discussion list. The listserv will be moderated to ensure that postings are relevant and received in ‘digest’ form (i.e. grouped into one e-mail message or less per day) so your inbox is not overloaded.

Here are some basic instructions for participating in cvp-l.

How to subscribe, unsubscribe or change your e-mail address:

Please go to the following website and follow the appropriate directions there: (cvp-list website) .

How to post a message to all the list members:

send email to: Your message will be reviewed by the moderator before it is sent out.

To speak with someone directly about this list, please contact the list moderator:

Debbie Weyl
Psychology of Peace and Violence Program
Department of Psychology
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003
Phone: 413-545-5957