Conflict Resolution and Post-Conflict Reconciliation

Faculty member Linda Tropp is involved in an international collaboration to examine Black and White South Africans’ attitudes toward policies designed to promote racial equality and their feelings of optimism and concern for the future of South Africa.

Leading a delegation from the South African Council of Churches, Bishop Desmond Tutu talks with a police officer in an unsuccessful attempt to speak to South Africa's then-president P.W. Botha about violence during the apartheid regime.


Rezarta Bilali investigates how national and ethnic identities correspond with attributions of responsibility and biases in historical narratives regarding conflicts between Turks and Armenian and Kurdish communities. By understanding how different groups construe histories of conflict, insights from this work can be used to inform strategies that will allow these and other groups to work toward reconciliation.

Ethnic Albanian kids from Kosovo in a Turkish run refugee camp in Albania, May 5, 1999. There are several camps in Albania built and maintained by NATO allied countries to aid people fleeing Kosovo. Public Domain Image: