Hanne M. Watkins joins Peace Program

We welcome Hannah M. Watkins to the Peace program as a Post Doctoral Fellow in Fall, 2018

Hanne M. Watkins holds a BA (Hons.) in Psychology and Linguistics, and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Melbourne, in Australia. She also completed her Ph.D. in Social Psychology at the University of Melbourne, in 2016. Her main research interests are moral psychology, intergroup conflict, and philosophical “just war theory,” which is why her thesis was on how people make moral judgments about killing in war.

Topol Summit brings together nonviolence scholars, practitioners and students

For the sixty scholars, practitioners, and students who gathered for the 2017 Topol Summit on Transforming the Research and Practice of Nonviolent Activism, the day was an opportunity to share ideas and inspiration across fields—and to strategize about how to use their individual perspectives and expertise to find new, creative approaches to conflict resolution.

Our Faculty, Students and Graduates in the News

Linda Tropp gave an invited talk at HeroiKon Conference in Budapest, Hungary

Linda tropp gave an invited talk at HeroiKon Conference in Budapest, Hungary

Linda Tropp gave an invited talk at the HeroiKon Conference in Budapest, Hungary on October 4, 2017 entitled "Transforming Group Relations Through Contact: Changing Attitudes, Pursuing Peace, and Promoting Social Justice"

She discussed how and why contact can promote more positive attitudes and relations between groups, and how it can motivate members of  advantaged groups to engage in activism for equality and social justice.


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