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Katya Migacheva accepted a position with the RAND Corporation

Katya Migacheva

Graduate Katya Migacheva recently accepted a position with the RAND Corporation (http://www.rand.org), where she now serves as an Associate Behavioral and Social Scientist. At RAND, Katya hopes to combine her expertise in both science and policy and to continue and expand her work on societies in transition and relations between racial, ethnic, and national groups.

Are war and violence inevitable? Political psychologists argue for the importance of peace research in Headlines and Global News

Rebel army soldier in Syria (Photo : Reuters)

Political psychologists Bernhard Leidner, Brian Lickel and Linda Tropp at the University of Massachusetts Amherst argue that war and violent conflict is not an inevitable component of human nature, having written a special new piece on "peace psychology" that urges people to overturn the widespread belief.


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