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We are currently accepting applications for graduate studies
in Social Psychology with a concentration in the Psychology of Peace and Violence.

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The Psychology of Peace and Violence Program click here
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Application deadline: January 2, 2016

 Feel free to get in touch with the faculty member you would be interested in working with in advance.

We are looking forward to your application!

Psychology of Peace and Violence Program Faculty, Students and Graduates in the News

Linda Tropp comments in a story about "implicit bias" in the Amherst schools on NEPR

The Amherst, Massachusetts, public schools have been talking a lot about race since last year, when an African-American math teacher was the target of racist graffiti around the high school. In response, the school committee created a task force to advise it on matters of “equity.” Now, task force members want the district to tackle a more subtle form of racism — something called “implicit bias.