Dr. Linda Tropp is quoted in an AP Article picked up by TheGrio: 'Psychology of debt talks is all in game of chicken '.

In a July, 2011 article discussing how the psychology of debt talks is all a game of chicken in Washington D.C., Dr. Linda Tropp says that watching the debt negotiations reminds her of the continuing Israel and Palestinian conflict. It’s more competitive bargaining than a give-and-take dialogue, said Tropp, director of her school’s peace and violence program.

“This seems increasingly more entrenched,” Tropp said. “And the more we go on this route toward protracted conflict, the harder and harder it will be to undo the pain of the past.”

The key to breaking that deadlock is trying to see the other side’s view more and to humanize — not demonize — your counterpart, said both Tropp and Daniel Shapiro,  founder of the Harvard International Negotiation Program also interviewed for the article.

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