Research Assistantships

Below are the research assistantships available in our department.
Feel free to email the contact individual for that lab.
Please check back as new opportunities are listed on a continuing basis.

Contact: Abby Fontaine Helm, Graduate Student,

The Learning Lab is seeking to hire 1-2 reliable research assistants (RAs) to assist on a project examining attention skills in undergraduates with and without ADHD. RA duties will include but are not limited to:

  • Participant recruitment
  • Electroencephalography (EEG) and event-related potential (ERP) collection
  • Data processing

Potential RAs should have excellent time management and organization skills as well as flexible schedules.
Interested applicants should apply if they have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and are willing to commit 6-9 hours per week (2-3 credits) for at least 2 semesters.

Contact: Abby Fontaine Helm, Graduate Student, (include "Learning Lab Research Assistant" in subject line).

Pre-requisites: GPA of 3.5 or higher
Times you must be available: Flexible
Hours per week: 6-9 hours per week.
Credits: 2-3 credits
Contact: Krystal Cashen, Graduate Student ,

We are currently seeking an undergraduate  research assistant whose primary responsibilities will be to assist in a  study on identity, community, and experiences of stigmatization in young  adults with LGBQ+ parent(s) and/or primary caregiver(s). This RA will also  serve as part of the larger Rudd Adoption Research Program RA team  ( and may assist with other ongoing  projects in the lab.

Responsibilities may include (but are not limited to):
-    Attend weekly lab meetings
-    Attend regular project specific meetings
-    Data entry & cleaning
-    Participant recruitment

Pre-requisites: Must have taken Psych 240/241 (may be waived with appropriate experience)
Times you must be available: Flexible
Hours per week: 9 hours/week
Credits: 3 credits
Contact: Sanjana Kadirvel, Graduate Student ,

Research Assistants will help with a variety  of tasks, such as:
•    Literature review
•    Study design and interpretation
•    Survey construction
•    Data collection
•    Data entry and analysis

• are at least rising sophomores
• have basic knowledge of research methodology and statistics
• would be interested in conducting independent research or an honors  thesis in the future

Pre-requisites: See Above
Times you must be available: weekdays 9am-7pm
Hours per week: 6-9 hours/week
Credits: 2-3
Contact: Professor Andrew Cohen ,

The main focus of the lab is decision-making:  how are human decisions influenced by a variety of factors such as emotion,  culture, stimulus format, delay, personality, sleep, and interruptions.

We use data from behavioral experiments, eye tracking, and other  physiological measures.  Computational models are used to inform analysis.

Minimal requirement are: participating in 1 lab meeting a week (1-1.5 hrs),  presenting research or research articles once a semester, recruiting  participants, running experiments, and coding data.

A year-long commitment is preferred.

For more information see

Pre-requisites: Juniors and Seniors: Psych 240 (at least a B+) and Psych 241. Freshmen and Sophomores welcome without 240 and 241.
Times you must be available: Thursdays 3:45-5 for lab meetings
Hours per week: 3-9 hours/week
Credits: 1-3 credits
Contact: Sanjana Kadirvel, Graduate Student ,

At the FAM Lab, we seek to understand how  stressful family relationships impact indices of allostatic load rendering  individuals more or less susceptible to adverse health outcomes. We  consider bio-behavioral processes in the Latino community, with the hope of  identifying protective and risk factors for mental health.
Research Assistants for the FAM Lab will be required to conduct literature  reviews, assist study designs and interpretations, construct surveys,  collect data and data entry and analysis.

Prerequisites ::
• Basic knowledge of research methodology and  statistics
• Sophomore/Juniors  
• Interest in research  
• Considering  independent research/honors thesis in the future
• Basic fluency in Spanish  is a bonus

Pre-requisites: Weekdays, some weekends
Times you must be available: Flexible
Hours per week: 6-9 hours/week
Credits: 2-3 credits
Contact: Min Suh, Graduate Student ,

RAs are expected to assist graduate students,  post-doctorate researcher, and lab director in variety of tasks, including  but not limited to:
•    Literature review
•    Study design
•    Survey construction
•    Discussing research projects
•    Data collection
•    Data entry and analysis

Prerequisites :: There are no prerequisite for this position.  However, we are especially interested in recruiting students who:

•    are currently First years or Sophomores
•    have some basic knowledge of research methodology & statistics
•    would be interested in conducting independent research/Honors thesis
•    are members of underrepresented groups
•    are passionate about social justice and environmental issues
•    are fluent in Chinese

Pre-requisites: There are no prerequisite for this position, but preferences listed above.
Times you must be available: May vary depending on the student's schedule
Hours per week: 6 or 9 hours depending on credits requested
Credits: 2 or 3 depending on hours worked
Contact: Kendall Beals, Graduate Student ,

We are seeking 4 to 5 RAs to work closely with  us on research on group rivalries.

The duties will include contributing ideas to project development,  monitoring recruitment procedures, corresponding with participants, running  participants in lab, tracking participation rates over time, and  communicating updates with others in our research team.

This role requires high attention to detail, problem-solving skills,  organization skills, self-motivation, and the flexibility to work  independently as well as in collaboration with others. The ability to use  Excel, Google Sheets, and Gmail is preferred.

There are regular team meetings based on everyone's availability. You will  be expected to have regular hours available for the lab during weekdays  (between 8am and 7pm) but we schedule those hours around your availability.

Training and supervision will be provided by Dr. Reinhard, Dr. Leidner, and  the lab manager Kendall Beals.

To find more information about the lab and apply, please visit:

Click on "Join the lab" and then "Lab Application Form".

For questions please email lab manager Kendall Beals at or David Reinhard at .

Pre-requisites: Statistics (Psych240) and Research Methods (Psych241 are desirable but not necessary.
Times you must be available: Flexible, Weekdays
Hours per week: 9 hours/week
Credits: 3 credits
Contact: Professor Bernhard Leidner ,

The War and Peace Lab is looking for a RA to  help support a qualitative, interview project examining collective action  by Armenian activists in the 2018 Velvet Revolution. Broadly, the War and  Peace lab conducts research on processes of social identification, morality  and justice, primarily in the context of (conflict and violence between)  large social categories such as nations and ethnic groups.  RA  responsibilities would include supporting data collection and analysis,  primarily focusing on checking interview transcript content and translation  and helping to code interview transcripts for relevant themes. Selected RAs  would be actively encouraged and supported in developing future research  projects related to the Armenian context as well as for qualitative  research skill development.


Pre-requisites: Ideal candidates would have fluency in the Eastern Armenian language as well as knowledge and/or interest of Armenia and the broader South Caucasus area
Times you must be available: Weekday
Hours per week: 9 hours/week
Credits: 3 credits
Contact: Professor Adam Grabell,

The goal of the SEED Lab is to understand how  emerging emotion regulation works and how it’s related to the onset of  early mental illness.  Undergraduates will assist with a study on emotion  regulation and early childhood clinical irritability.  Duties include  recruiting and running child participants, completing basic data analysis,  and developing study materials.  In some cases, students will have the  opportunity earn authorship on study presentations and publications.

Times you must be available: Typically M-F 9-5pm for 2 hour blocks of time. Able to run child participant subjects on weekends if needed.
Hours per week: 6 hours/week
Credits: 2 credits