Paid Research Participants Needed for Study of How Kids Think About People

IRB Approved Study Number: 

422 2018-5253


Tara Mandalaywala, PhD


Phone Number: 

(413) 545-2930

Type of Subjects: 



The Cognition Across Development Lab is seeking children aged 3-6 (and their parent and/or legal guardian) to participate in a study entitled “Thinking About People”!

In this 20-minute study, participants will hear a story of how a narrator has just moved to a new town and needs help making guesses about the people who live there. The narrator will describe a personality or behavioral characteristic as photos of four people will appear at a time. The child will choose the person they think fits the description best. At the end, the parent and/or legal guardian will upload webcam video of the trial to our secure online platform, and have a chance to answer some brief, optional survey questions.  

The entire study can be done from home (all you need is a computer and a webcam to participate, and you can do so at any time; a parent and/or legal guardian must supervise). Children aged 3-6 are eligible to participate, and each family will receive up to $3 (prorated) via PayPal or Amazon gift card for participating. Participants will contribute to the understanding of how children reason about social groups.

Click here if you'd like to learn more about and participate in Thinking About People! You'll be taken to a new site where you'll learn how to participate using your webcam. Our games only work in certain web browsers (Chrome and Firefox) so make sure you're using one of those.

For more information, contact Tara Mandalaywala, PhD, Principal Investigator at, by phone at (413) 545-2930, or visit the lab's website at

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