Dyad Study--Discussing Intergroup Relations

IRB Approved Study Number: 



Dr. Bernhard Leidner



Room Number: 

Tobin 656

Type of Subjects: 



45 minutes


This study examines physiological, behavioral, and self-reported aspects of how people engage with and understand interactions between groups. Participants will complete a 45 minute visit to our lab at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Before the lab visit, we will assess your eligibility for the in-lab study with a short Qualtrics survey. Please complete this short 3 minute survey to determine your eligibility. If you are ineligible, you will receive notice within 24 hours. If you are eligible, you will be emailed an invitation code and will watch short clips of documentary footage, answer questions related to it, and discuss the footage with another participant in lab. If you are determined to be ineligible, your data will be immediately destroyed after we notify you of your ineligibility. If you are deemed eligible, your data will become part of the study record, although it will be stored separately from your responses on the main study so that your email is kept separate from any of your data from the actual study, keeping your responses in the main study confidential. We will also measure how your body responds during these tasks. You must be above the age of 18. You will receive up to 2 SONA credit for completing the in lab portion of the study.

***To take the eligibility survey (takes only 3 minutes), click the link below***

Link: https://umassamherst.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bxci6Ux9L5jAFP7


none except 2 SONA credits
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