Lee Science Impact Program Supports Summer Research for PBS Students

The William Lee Science Impact Program (Lee SIP) is a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) within the College of Natural Sciences designed to expand and broaden participation in undergraduate research. The program provides students the opportunity to work on fun, novel, and interesting scientific questions by matching them with faculty members with similar research interests.

Lee SIP Scholars are mentored directly by research faculty, work within a research team, and participate in professional development workshops—activities that will prepare them for a wide range of science-based careers. The goal of the program is to create opportunities for undergraduate students to engage directly in the cutting-edge research occurring on campus, including those from traditionally underrepresented groups in science disciplines, such as first-generation college students.

The inaugural summer of the Lee SIP culminated in the REU Poster Symposium August 3, where scholars presented their work to the UMass community. Twenty-seven students participated from a range of majors. The students from the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences included:

Emma Cyr (pictured) of the Affect and Social Cognition Lab directed by Linda Isbell. Her project is titled, “Vulnerable Patients in the Emergency Department: A Qualitative Investigation of Health Care Provider Challenges.”

Angela Mirisola of the Self-Regulation, Emotions, & Early Development (SEED) Lab directed by Adam Grabell. Her project is titled, "PMS, parenting, and the effect on childhood irritability and behavior problems".

Aazam Najeebi of the Cognition & Action Lab directed by Rebecca Spencer. His project is titled, “Neural Basis of Sleep-Dependent Changes in Learning”.

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