The Boltwood Project helps 'Spread the Word'

group of students smiling at table in campus center

The Boltwood Project, Best Buddies, Special Olympics and Autism Speaks banded together to help spread the word about inclusion on March 6th, "Spread the Word" Day. They worked together to help people take the pledge supporting the cause. Spread the Word is a Special Olympics organization that began their mission to end the use of the r-word. They have now expanded their mission to spreading inclusion, both in language and in society. UMass students will continue to help spread this message through the above organizations.

The Boltwood Project has been part of UMass for over 50 years and is the largest and longest continuously running, community engagement program at UMass Amherst.

Pictured l-r: 
Mollie Jassal, Communications & DDHS ‘19 
Troy Kent, Engineering ‘20
Julia Coelho, Communication ‘20
Christine Brennick, Communications ‘19
Rebecca Wlcek, Psychology & DDHS ‘19 
Bridget Daoust, Communications & DDHS ‘19
Emily Carreiro, Biology & DDHS ‘20