Diversity and Psychology Club (DPC)

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Diversity and Psychology Club (DPC)


This organization focuses on increasing awareness, knowledge, and skills regarding multicultural/diversity/social justice issues. We define diversity broadly to include race, ethnicity, language, gender, social class, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and physical appearance. Through meetings, educational events, bulletin boards, social activities, and guest speakers, DPC strives to create awareness of diversity and to provide support for students who are from diverse backgrounds and/or who are interested in pursuing careers that involve working with diverse populations.

For more information regarding DPC, please contact faculty advisor Dr. Evelyn Mercado at evemercado@umass.edu or graduate student advisor Deborah Wu at dwu@umass.edu.


Fall 2020: TBA



Faculty Advisor: Dr. Evelyn Mercado

Graduate Student Advisor: Deborah Wu

Presidents: Jo-An Colclough & Megan Yee

Jo-An Colclough is from Whitman, Massachusetts, and a junior psychology major and sociology minor working towards a certificate in Social Work and Social Welfare. In addition to being Co-President of the Diversity and Psychology Club, she is a member of UMass Cares about Cancer and Active Minds. She is interested in learning about mental health issues within various cultures. In her free time, she likes to travel to new places, read and play with her dogs.

Megan Yee is one of the Co-Presidents of the Diversity and Psychology Club. She is from Brookline, Massachusetts, and a junior nursing major. She enjoys traveling to different places and is greatly interested in learning about other cultures. She believes it is important to acknowledge and accept characteristics that make people unique. In addition to traveling, she also enjoys doing yoga, trying new foods, and spending time with her family and friends.

Treasurer: Nicole Fontenot

My name is Nicole Fontenot and I am from Longmeadow, MA. I am a psychology major, with an expected graduation of Spring 2022. I enjoy outdoor activities like snowboarding and watersports, and I grew up living in 7 different places, including Alaska and Japan. I hope to expand psychology education and resources to underrepresented groups in America, and my ultimate goal is to obtain a doctorate degree in psychology.

Public Relations Manager: Akili Sundai

Akili Sundai is the Public Relations Manager for the Diversity and Psychology club. She is a Junior obtaining a major in Psychology and minor in Arabic and is from Cambridge, MA. She plans on pursuing a Doctorates in Behavioral Neuroscience and is passionate about providing a voice for underprivileged communities. Akili plans on learning Swahili as a third language and living abroad in the future. On her free time, she enjoys dancing, finding new Netflix shows, & spending time with friends and family.

Secretary: Meg Lacey

Meg Lacey is Secretary of the Diversity and psychology Club. She is a junior in the College of Nursing at Umass and hopes to one day become a surgical nurse. She loves to travel to other countries and learn aspects of different cultures. She was ultimately drawn to DPC due to their work in equal justice and their views on multiculturalism. Meg, is also a member of Red Cross Club and Special Olympics and volunteers at Lawrence General Hospital.

Volunteer Coordinator: Casey McAdams

Casey McAdams is a senior transfer student in the sociology program at UMass Amherst. She spent a large chunk of her undergraduate life at her local community college, which she greatly enjoyed. She’s the volunteer coordinator for the Diversity and Psychology club because she grew up with a strong background in nonprofit work, and plans to delve further into helping such field after graduation. 

Recruitment Advisor: Alexander Green

Alexander Green is the Recruitment Advisor of the Diversity and Psychology Club. He is a Junior majoring in Psychology and Pre-Med from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. He is striving to become and psychiatrist to work with children in a clinical setting. He believes diversity is an important aspect to successful teamwork and advancements in collaborative environments.