Marcellette G. Williams was Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2001-2002.
This is an archive of the Chancellor's Web site during her tenure.

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Marcellette G. Williams
Professor of English and
Comparative Literature

University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003

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Our beginnings at UMass Amherst were as a land-grant institution with a mission of providing access to quality opportunities for learning. As in the beginning, we view the creation of knowledge and research as a public trust, its dissemination to our students as a moral vocation, and its application as a social obligation.

Our commitment must be to ensure the vitality of this University from a firm platform of shared values, common purposes, and collaborative effort. We must reexamine our traditions while acknowledging rapidly changing contexts in order to achieve a future inspired by our heritage but at the same time anticipating other futures.

A Simple Philosophy of Education

Living Values: The Life, Death, and Legacy of Amy Biehl

September 11, 2001 - Updates and Events


Recent Remarks

Amy's Magic: Living Reconciliation
Massachusetts Room-Mullins Center
June 27, 2002

In Partnerships with Communities
Transportation and University Communities Conference
June 16, 2002

A Leader's Adventures in Wonderland
Women in Higher Education Conference
ACE-Office of Women in Higher Education
East Lansing, Michigan
June 11, 2002

A Partnership Reborn; A Dream Renewed
Alumni Reunion Breakfast Remarks
June 8, 2002

Managing Flamingoes: On Courage, Dreams, and Trust
Frontier Regional High School Commencement Remarks
June 7, 2002

The Courage to Dream
Roxbury Community College Commencement Remarks
June 7, 2002

The Courage to Dream
Undergraduate Commencement Remarks
May 25, 2002

Trust in the Fundamental Connectedness of Things
Graduate Commencement Remarks
May 25, 2002

Living in Service to Life
ROTC Commissioning Ceremony Remarks
May 25, 2002