David K. Scott was Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, 1993-2001.
This is an archive of the Chancellor's Web site during his tenure.

UMass Office of the Chancellor

Strategic Action FY'97 - FY'01

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Retrospective on Strategic Action

Strategic Action is designed to provide a philosophical and fiscal framework for the implementation of the Strategic Planning and Thinking that have taken place over the last few years. It is not meant to replace the detailed planning developed at all levels. These plans will continue to be refined and focused, guided by the overarching direction of this Strategic Action plan. The details will continue to be found in unit plans in place at various levels of the University.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Future through the Lens of the Past
  3. A Vision of the Future-Reinventing the Dream
  4. Overview of the Multi-Year Plan
  5. Components of the Multi-Year Plan
    1. Revenues
      1. State Appropriation Revenues
      2. Fund Raising Revenues
      3. Other Funds
    2. Expenditures
      1. Major Initiatives
        1. Organization of Colleges and Schools for Knowledge Base of a Modern Land Grant-AAU University
        2. Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Reform
        3. Advising and Retention
        4. Diversity and Multiculturalism
        5. Faculty and Staff Roles and Rewards
        6. Interdisciplinary Programs
        7. Scholarships and Financial Aid
        8. Creation of Community
        9. Steps Toward the Land Grant-AAU University
      2. Information Technology
      3. Infrastructure
      4. Management Information Systems
      5. Fund Balance Improvement
      6. Utility Increases
      7. Step and Non-Unit Salary Increases, TA Stipends
      8. State Funded Unit Salary Increases
      9. Merit Reclassification
      10. Contingency Fund
      11. Restructuring
        1. Administrative Redesign
        2. Continuous Quality Improvement
        3. The Early Retirement Program
        4. Joint Reporting
        5. Changes in Areas of Vice Chancellors and Deputy Chancellor
    3. Reallocation
    4. Building a Distinctive Land Grant-AAU Institution
  6. Concluding Perspective
    Appendix I

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