UMAPA Volunteers

One important way UMass Amherst Parents Association (UMAPA) members can get involved with the UMass Amherst community is volunteering. Through volunteering you'll meet other UMass Parents/families and connect with university staff.

UMAPA Parent/family Volunteers help us represent the university, Office of Parent Services, and UMAPA at various campus events throughout the year. Opportunities include:

  • Spring Open Houses for Admitted Students-talking with admitted students and their families about UMass from a parent's perspective and helping hand out literature about the Office of Parent Services and UMAPA.
  • Summer /Winter Parents/Family Orientation-welcoming families of newly enrolled students to the UMass community and assisting with registration.
  • Fall NSO Move-In -greeting new students and their families and sharing information for parents.
  • Winter Move-In and Welcome-greeting and welcoming families during move-in in the winter
  • Family Weekend-greeting families, assisting with registration, counting participants while enjoying specific events and activities.

Please complete the following volunteer form if you are interested in becoming a UMAPA Parent/family Volunteer.  You may also contact us at