UMAPA Advisory Council Executive Officers/Members

Executive Officers

Penny Nichols-Cordero, Chair | Co-Chair, Patrick Hayes | Lisa Silletti , Secretary

Council Members Fall 2017 - Fall 2019

JoAnn Roselli | Jennifer Getchell | Mercel Meredith Ault

Council Members Spring 2018-Spring 2020

George Emilio Sanchez | Joel Lord | Mary Millett | Michelle White

Council Members Fall 2018 - Fall 2020

Amy Chisholm | Bronwyn Cooper | Amy Davis | Gary Dougherty | Maureen Provost | Tushar Walhekar

Emeritus Members

Kathleen Small

Melissa Goldman

Mimi Mumm

*Executive Officers serve an 18 months term  
*Council Members serve a two-year term

University Liaison to the Parent Association and Advisory Council: Rose M. Boulay, Assistant Director Office of Parent Services