Survey Results

Which of these academic resources have you encouraged your student to use?
Academic advisors 22
Professor’s office hours 15
The Learning Resource Center for tutoring and supplemental instruction 13
Study groups 10
The Writing Center 4
None of the above 1

Previous Questions and Results

What topic(s) is/are most difficult for you to discuss with your student?

Alcohol 7
Finances 11
Relationships 34
Safety 3

Which from the list below are you excited to do at Family Weekend 2018?

Attend information sessions 17
Attend the family reception 23
Attend the football game 17
Reconnect with my student(s) and friends 40
Participate in seasonal activities 22
Tour new buildings| 16

How confident are you in your ability to support your student while they are at college?

Very confident 20
Confident 17
Somewhat confident 8
Not at all confident 3

Did you attend Parent/Family Orientation when your student first enrolled at the university?

Yes 9
No 4
Didn't know about it 1

What is your student’s plan for the summer?

Enroll in Summer Session 15
Study abroad 2
Volunteer 3
Work at an internship/job/research lab 75
No summer plan 5

How has/does your student expanded/plan to expand their academic horizons?

Trying new things outside their comfort zone 9
Switching into a major of interest 4
Joining an academic club 1
Enrolling in courses at the Five College Interchange program 1
Studying abroad 9
Enrolling in National Student Exchange 1
Participating in undergraduate research 10

Which student run entity/ies does your student aspire to get involved in on campus?

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) 8
Student Government Association (SGA) 2
Center for Student Business 3
Arts and Media Agencies 3

In what areas of their academic life has your student asked you to be involved?

Keeping me updated on university requirements and billing matters 18
Discussing successes and challenges with me 33
Asking me for advice/suggestions 23