Advisory Council Membership Application

Please describe your current occupation and previous work experience including title, organization/institution and career/profession.
In a couple of brief sentences, please tell us why you are interested in serving on the Parents Association Advisory Council.
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The Advisory Council meets in Amherst four times a year (twice in the fall and twice in the spring). Are you able to meet in Amherst?
In the event you are unable to travel to Amherst and/or you live over 150 miles away or overseas are you able to meet online through Skype/Zoom/Go to Meeting?
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Please check all that apply.
By checking this box, I understand that Council members must commit to serve for two consecutive years. I also understand that I must attend four general meetings per academic year on campus and/or online. I am further aware that as a Council member I must serve on a committee (Community Service and Outreach, Special Events, Wellness, etc.) and volunteer for at least one event (Fall Move-In Day, Open House, Family Weekend, Spring Move-In Day, Spring Open Houses, Summer Orientation, Winter Orientation or Winter Welcome).