Jenny Adams

Seminar Director

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Kate Perillo

Assistant Director

Hello everyone! I'm Kate, doctoral candidate in the UMass English Department and assistant director for the 2017 Oxford Summer Seminar. I look forward to exploring England with with this year's Seminar students! Here at UMass, I study British and global modernist fiction, with emphasis on writers of color, imperial history, and the built environment of London. When I'm not teaching and writing, I like nerding out over comics and sci-fi.

Emma Tavolieri

Junior Dean

Hey! I’m Emma, a Junior Dean for 2018’s Oxford Summer Seminar. I’m a senior at UMass majoring in Communication and minoring in Education and Resource Economics. I had the pleasure of being a student on the 2016 Oxford program and Junior Dean of the program in 2017. These past two summers have been filled with new wonders, beauties, and people. I can’t wait to go back again! In my free time I love to make collages and watch my favorite Boston sports teams play.

Kiki Luo

Junior Dean

Hi! I’m Kiki, a Junior Dean for 2018’s Oxford Summer Seminar Series. I’m a senior at UMass majoring in Psychology with minors in Chinese and Information Technologies (IT). I went to Oxford the summer of 2017 and had an amazing time learning about the history and sights of Oxford and England, all while meeting some amazing people! I love meeting new people and can’t wait to meet everyone this summer!