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2015 Applications have CLOSED. See you next year!


Five reasons to come to Oxford:
Incredible classes with Oxford University faculty
Travel in England, Scotland, Ireland, France and beyond
Free field trips
A fantastic resume builder
You could live here (yes, that is a dorm):

Wren Building

An opportunity like this doesn't come along often... what are you waiting for?



Now entering its forty-ninth year, the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Summer Seminar at Trinity College, Oxford is one of the oldest American summer programs at Oxford University. It is still guided by its original intention: to introduce a wide range of students to the best of Oxford University's academic and social traditions. Participants also have the opportunity to explore England and Europe, both on their own and on Friday field trips.

The 2015 seminar begins on Saturday, July 4, and end on Friday, August 14.

We hope you'll learn more about the seminar, faculty, courses and college life as you explore our site.


For the romance of the program (complete with violins!), watch this short video by 2013 Junior Dean Aidan Stone: Romance of Oxford


For the everyday experience of the entire 6 weeks, watch this short video by 2013 Alumnus Jonathan Murray: Day-by-Day


To learn more about the Seminar, come and visit us:

Anne Broadbridge, Director, Oxford Summer Seminar

Associate Professor of History

623 Herter Hall

Spring 2014 drop-in hours: M-W-F 11:05-12ish and by appointment

(If I am not there at 11:05, just wait: I am coming up from class)


Junior Deans (student assistants)

Hayden Frechette-McCall

Hayden Frechette-McCall is a Senior History major and Education minor from
Rutland, Massachusetts. He has particular interests in global politics,
popular culture, and a variety of sports, and can be spotted at the gym or
out on a run during his spare time. Last summer in Oxford he found himself
balancing the enjoyment of learning British history with the thrill of
exploring a new country, and delighted in the lifestyle of an Oxford
student. Hayden will attend the 2015 Seminar in his capacity as Junior Dean.

Email (put "Hayden" in the subject line):


Kabir Thatte

Kabir Thatte is a Junior dual degree candidate in Political Science and Economics. When he isn't daydreaming of Oxford, he enjoys playing and listening to music, watching great movies, reading, writing poetry, and going on adventures. In Oxford, he particularly enjoyed eating extraordinary meals, sleeping in a historical room, and playing piano in the Trinity College Chapel. He also loved wandering about the magical streets, engaging in invigorating conversations with Oxford tutors, and delighting in a sense of camaraderie with other students and faculty. Kabir will attend the 2015 Seminar in his capacity as Junior Dean.

Email (put "Kabir" in the subject line):