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MotherWoman Internships - Fall 2014 - Spring 2015


MotherWoman, a Hadley-based nonprofit, works to support and empower mothers to create personal and social change by building community safety nets, impacting family policy, and promoting the leadership and resilience of mothers. Our core philosophy is that when mothers are strong and supported, families and communities thrive.

Overview of MotherWoman internships:

  • Require attendance at the Internship Orientation on September 8th, 5:45pm.
  • Requirements depend on specific internship postings - be sure to read these thoroughly.
  • Motherwoman internships are unpaid. MotherWoman partners with local colleges and academic programs in order to secure stipends/pay for student interns. We encourage students to seek out and apply to these programs.
  • Applications with typos and other errors will not be considered.
  • Fall semester internship period generally runs from Sep 8-Dec 12.
  • Internships may be extended to include Spring; preference may be given to those able to commit to Fall and Spring semesters. Please state preference/availability.

Questions and applications should be addressed to MotherWoman's Administrative Coordinator at admin@motherwoman.org. Postings close on August 8th, 2014.

Development Internships

  1. Development Assistant Intern
  2. Special Focus Membership Program Intern

Training & Program Internships

  1. Communications Intern
  2. Media and Web Development Intern
  3. Training Team Intern
  4. Evaluation Intern
  5. Support Group Research Intern
  6. Public Policy and Advocacy Intern
  7. Public Health/Policy Special Project


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