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Community, Diversity and Social Justice (CDSJ)


Teams in each of the five major administrative areas of the campus are called Executive Area Teams.

These teams

  • Develop the process for addressing CDSJ issues in each Executive Area
  • Coordinate activity with the university-wide CDSJ Team

Member Criteria for the Executive Area Teams

  • Represent different levels, roles and expertise in the organization
  • Personal commitment to equity, fairness, diversity, inclusiveness
  • Competence in dealing with racism, sexism and other forms of exclusivity
  • Opinion leaders, respected by others in the organization
  • Representative of racial, gender, age, disability and sexual orientation diversity
  • Regular job responsibilities include team participation


  • Lead and support change within each executive area
  • Serve as role models
  • Build and maintain capacity to manage CDSJ issues within each executive area


  • Conduct an internal CDSJ assessment
  • Determine areas of needed change
  • Work with management to develop changegoals and implement specific change plans
  • Monitor progress and evaluate results

Current Executive Area Team Activities (2004-05)

  • Continue local dissemination of CDSJ assessment results
  • Determine areas of needed change
  • Develop change goals and implement specific change plans to address them