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On-line Web Guide

The Child & Family WebGuide was created in April 2001 by the faculty at the Eliot Pearson Department of Child Development at Tufts University and librarians at Tisch Library, also at Tufts. The WebGuide is a directory that evaluates, describes and provides links to hundreds of sites containing child development research and practical advice. Topics are selected on the basis of parent recommendations, they cover all ages, from early child development through adolescence. Since online searches for many parent topics yield information that is inconsistent with child development research, this WebGuide selects sites that have the highest quality child development research and that are parent friendly.

Additional On-line Parenting Support and Information

Adoption Resources
American Academy of Pediatrics
Child Welfare Information Gateway
Children's Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Fragile X Lactation Law
Lead Paint
Lead Poisoning Prevention
National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse
One Tough Job
Parenting Resource Directory
Parents Helping Parents

Poison Control
Postpartum Support International
Product Safety
Safe Kids

Title IX Kids Resource Site
Zero to Three