UMass Amherst

About Us

Our department is dedicated to maintaining a welcoming and supportive environment that enhances the lives of the diverse mix of families who live, work, and study at UMass. Our physical space includes areas where individual parents can get respite, support, and small groups of parents can meet.

Office of Family Resources (OFR) programs currently include the Amherst Family Center, a parent education workshop series (Dinner On Us), an interactive cultural enrichment and a creative arts series for parents and children (Special Saturdays), memberships for student parents, and management of the Undergraduate Child Care Tuition Assistance program. In addition, OFR provides campus families with resources, support (including information and referral) in the areas of: parenting, child development, community resources, and school or work/family issues.

OFR is affiliated with the Center for Early Education and Care; both are under the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life.

Family Programs

OFR offers programs to provide caregiver support, education and skill building. These programs are supported by a mix of campus-based trust funds, public and private grants, individual and corporate donations.

OFR's campus-based programs are open to all UMass families as well as any family who participates in OFR's Amherst Family Center program.

All OFR programs and services are offered free of charge. All OFR programs that include supervised children's activities are overseen by experienced teaching staff.

OFR is a partner of, which helps people find care providers for their families. Through this collaboration, student parents have access to a no-cost account and a cooperative childcare exchange for UMass students with children.

Childcare Tuition Assistance

OFR awards child care tuition assistance to undergraduate students at UMass who need help paying for Pre-K day care or K-6 after school care. Awards are available to any undergraduate student parent receiving financial aid.


OFR supports and empowers campus families through its commitment to promoting family friendly policies and programs.