Walk This Way

What Is It?

Walk This Way

Walk this Way is a Team Positive Presence program that reminds students to be safe, quiet, and respectful when traveling through residential neighborhoods in Amherst. WTW student staff greet students late night on weekends with friendly tips and assistance as they travel to and from off campus parties, downtown, or the residence halls.

The program has been extremely successful at engaging students as active bystanders in a real life context, where college students, the elderly, young families and weekend visitors with different lifestyles intersect. Interested in being part of Walk this Way? Email ocsc@sacl.umass.edu

How does it work?

It’s simple actually. WTW student guides greet students walking on the quiet residential streets next to Southwest on Friday and Saturday nights as a reminder to walk quietly and respectfully on their way out on the town. We help keep our reputation as UMass students a positive one in our local community. All we ask is while enjoying your social life off campus, that you be:

  • Kind
  • Respectful of kids, families and students in your neighborhoods
  • Quiet as you stroll the streets
  • Safe
  • Friendly and happy

Is WTW effective?

You bet. Students love seeing the WTW team and Legend the wonder dog late night. Noise complaints have decreased drastically since WTW began in 2012. We are known as a trusted student group you’ll encounter after the Fall Welcome Back BBQ to Thanksgiving and mid February to May. We have data to prove it works! Give us a high five when you see us, and say "hi" to Legend!

What do students say about WTW?

"You guys out here again? Thanks for doing this."
"Oh sorry, we’ll keep it down. We didn’t know we were so loud."
"How do I get one of those shirts?"
"Wait, that’s a job?? That is so cool."
"You make it easier for all UMass students." 

What do neighbors say about WTW?

"We hardly ever hear screaming anymore. It’s so much more quiet from 10 pm to 2 am when many of us are trying to sleep, study or work."
"Walk this Way shows us that students care about us as neighbors. It has made our relationship with UMass students a better one."
"Thank you WTW- you are a welcome sight for us on Friday and Saturday nights. Just knowing you are there to keep your classmates safe and sound is a relief to us."