Off Campus Assistants

Student Staff 2017

Off Campus Assistants are UMass undergraduates who live off campus in the local area.

Assistants staff the Off Campus Student Center, run programs like Take Time Before You Sign that Lease, arrange movie and game nights, hikes, trips and activities and also make a positive contribution to your neighborhood.  Off Campus Assistants will answer your questions about off campus life, and help you get started planning your move off campus!






Crystal Lee, Class of 2019
Major: Industrial Engineering
Favorite Part of Living Off Campus: I get to live with my best friends and cook whatever I want, whenever I want!


Dione McClenaghan, Class of 2019
Major: Resource Economics
Favorite Part of Living Off Campus: Being able to make home cooked meals and sharing endless laughs with my roommates!


Sabrina Taylor, Off Campus Photographer, Class of 2020
Major: English
Favorite Part of Living Off Campus: I love having an entire house to decorate and cook in with my roommates!!