In response to the challenges instructors may face in making the quick transition to remote instruction, the Provost announced that the traditional administration of the SRTI is suspended for the Spring 2020 semester.

For instructors who have registered, OAPA will administer a slightly revised version of the regular SRTI course surveys.

What items are included on the optional Spring2020_SRTI?

In addition to the items usually included on our course surveys, the following two additional questions about the transition to remote instruction will be added to the end of each Spring2020_SRTI:

How do you think the switch to remote instruction impacted your learning in this course?

  • The switch enhanced my learning in this course substantially
  • The switch enhanced my learning in this course somewhat
  • I don't think the switch impacted my learning in this course
  • The switch diminished my learning in this course somewhat
  • The switch diminished my learning in this course substantially
  • Not applicable/My course was already taught all or mostly online  

Please provide your instructor with any additional feedback you have about your remote learning experiences in this course (e.g, aspects that were particularly helpful or specific suggestions you have for improvements).

Note: the question asking students to rate the physical environment of the classroom has been removed.

Can I add my own custom questions to the survey?

No, it is not possible to add custom questions. If you would like to ask your students custom questions, you may use the Center for Teaching and Learning's Forward FOCUS survey.

What are administration details of the Spring2020_SRTI?

Students can fill out a survey anytime between April 23rd at 7:00 am and May 10th at 11:00 pm.

Shortly after the survey opens, OAPA will email students their first notification.

Students can access all of their surveys through the following link provided in the email:

(For multiple-instructor or team-taught courses, students will need to fill out a form for each instructor.)

There will be four additional reminder emails sent only to students who have not yet completed their forms. Students who use Moodle or Blackboard Learn will be notified in both platforms if they have forms that need to be completed. (Instructors who use Moodle will also see a block appear in your course called "UMass Course Surveys." This block provides students with the survey link and reminds them if they still have forms to fill out.)

Response Rates

The primary challenge with online survey administration is continuing to obtain appropriate response rates. Instructors play a critical role in this effort. Please read and adapt our suggestions for encouraging student response to course surveys.

Toward the end of the first and second weeks of the survey period, OAPA will send an email to instructors with their current response rates. At the end of the survey period, a follow-up email to instructors will report the final response rate for each course section.

How do I receive my results? Who else will see my results?

The individual course results will go directly (and only) to the instructor. No one in your program, department, or college will have information on whether or not you participated nor will they receive information on the results.

Can I get help interpreting my results?

The Center for Teaching and Learning will provide support in the form of individual consultations and open forums to assist faculty in interpreting their Spring2020_SRTI student responses.