Change in Order of SRTI Global Items

One recurring theme that emerged in our consultations with various SRTI users was concern about asking students to answer an instructor-related question, “What is your overall rating of this instructor’s teaching?,” after they just answered the course-related question, “Overall, how much do you feel you learned in this course?”

To improve the flow and logic of the SRTI, the order of the global items has been changed so that students answer the instructor-related global item immediately following the SRTI diagnostic items (items 1-9, which are also instructor-related) and before the two course-related global items. The new SRTI Section Report reflects this change (Figure 1).

Download a research brief examining whether changing the order of the SRTI global items may have resulted in any item order effects. 

Figure 1: SRTI Section Report Excerpt – Global Items 10 and 11

SRTI Section Report Excerpt – Global Items 10 and 11