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SRTI Departmental Summary Report

Departmental Summary Report Example (pdf)
The departmental summary report is designed to give you a more detailed look at SRTI results at the department level. We report results separately for undergraduate and graduate sections and further breakdown results by four categories of course enrollment. To help you easily identify large differences in SRTI item means, we have also added bar charts to the report.

UNDERGRADUATE SECTIONS (PAGES 1 & 2): Item frequencies for all undergraduate course sections are reported on Page 1. Frequencies for additional items are also reported including elective vs. required status, class level distribution, and expected grade.

The second page includes item means for all undergraduate courses by four categories of course enrollment: fewer than 25 enrolled, 25-59 enrolled, 60-119 enrolled, and 120 or more enrolled. Means are only reported for enrollment categories with three or more sections and are displayed in a bar chart at the bottom of the page.

GRADUATE SECTIONS (PAGES 3 & 4): Results for all graduate course sections are presented in the same format as those for undergraduate sections.

ALL SECTIONS (PAGE 5): On the final page, item means are reported for three groups: all sections combined, all undergraduate sections, and all graduate sections.

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