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Instructions For Administering SRTI: Designated Departmental Coordinator

Download these instructions as a PDF file

Examples of the SRTI Evaluation Form and Batch Form can be downloaded as a PDFs from the Assessment menu on the left side of this page. The Course Packet Cover Sheet which includes instructions for Student Monitors can also be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document.

Putting together the SRTI Packets

Prepare your evaluation packets to be distributed to faculty before the end of classes each semester. The SRTI form should be administered during the last week of the class, but not after or during a final exam. The following four components should be compiled into an evaluation packet for each course being evaluated:

Count out just enough SRTI forms to cover the total enrollment in the course section.

Assign a pre-printed Batch Form for the course, or if necessary, complete a blank Batch Form with ALL necessary information using a #2 pencil. It is advisable to retain this form in the office to be matched to the evaluation forms once they are returned. If you are completing a blank Batch Form, please include: the instructor's first and last name, the subject, catalog number, section number, class number, term, year of the course, and the course enrollment. For the "Subject" use the ALPHA code listed in the course schedule book (e.g., Forestry = "FOREST," etc.). The bubbles under "Term" represent the century, (1st bubble pre-blackened 1 for the 21st century), the year, (2nd and 3rd bubbles), and the semester, (4th bubble with a selection of 1 for Winter, 3 for Spring, 5 for Summer, and 7 for Fall. Please be sure to fill out this information accurately---this is our primary means for linking students' responses to the course section.

Tape a completed Course Packet Cover Sheet to the front of the manila envelope with the evaluations. Make sure the course information as well as the department/program, address, and coordinator information on the right hand side of the Course Packet Cover Sheet is completely filled out. (SUGGESTION: To save time, download the Course Packet Cover Sheet and customize the document with department, location, and coordinator information.)

Include #2 pencils for completing the evaluations when possible.

Distribute the packets to faculty members so that the evaluations can be administered to the students in their classes prior to exams. Please be sure to provide each teacher with a copy of the faculty instructions for the administration of the SRTI form.

Compiling and Processing Completed Forms

Student Monitors are instructed to return the packets to the location you indicate on the Course Packet Cover Sheet. When you have collected all the forms for your department please follow these steps:

Once the forms have been processed, we will return the original SRTI Evaluation Forms and the reports to the department.

Important Reminder: keep the reports and original evaluations in a secure and safe place. The SRTI results for an individual are made available only to the instructor and the department or program that appoints the instructor and/or offers the course. The information on these SRTI reports is confidential and not for public distribution. Please keep this in mind during all aspects of the process.

Please feel free to contact Noreen LeMieux in the Office of Academic Planning and Assessment (545-2564 or if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the administration of the SRTI forms. If you are interested in scheduling a short meeting to go over the process, questions and concerns we would be glad to make arrangements to stop by and go over any information that would be helpful to you.

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