Program-Based Review and Assessment: Table 3

Social Sciences Program Goal Students who major in one of the social sciences will learn that they have responsibilities to themselves, their families, peer groups, communities, and society.
  Program Objectives
  • Students can identify the role that cultural diversity plays in defining what it means to be a social being.
  • Students can identify the origins, workings, and ramifications of social and cultural change in their own identity.
  • Students can compare the distinctive methods and perspectives of two or more social science disciplines.
Natural Sciences Program Goal Students who major in the natural sciences will become critical thinkers who are able to judge scientific arguments created by others and see relationships between science and societal problems.
  Program Objectives
  • Students can apply scientific methodology.
  • Students can evaluate the validity and limitations of theories and scientific claims in experimental results.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of basic scientific principles by restating the principle in their own words and giving a real-world example of the principle in action.
English Program Objectives
  • Students will write five-page essays reflecting on the work of an author of their choice that presents a clear and well-organized argument and uses examples from the author's work to support the argument.
  • Students will use the conventions of Standard Written English in all writing assignments.
Education Program Objectives
  • Students will clearly demonstrate an understanding of curriculum theory and standards by preparing a two-page curriculum plan and providing justification from the literature for the chosen curriculum method.
  • Students will show an understanding of real-world curriculum needs by including in the curriculum plan details on the content and order of the curriculum, the appropriate grade level, and the time frame for implementation.